Calma (“calmness” in Catalan and Spanish) is an independent outdoor furniture firm established in 2008. We truly believe in the responsible and conscious design. We create timeless art pieces to be lived with Calma.

  • Know-how. Craftmanship. Calma.

    We entrust the production of our designs to local craftsmen with wide knowledge and expertise about traditional manufacturing methods. The artisans embed their personal touch and wisdom to each masterpiece.

  • The Empordà region is our homeland. We enjoy outdoor living with Calma.

    The sun, the Mediterranean Sea, the northern wind Tramontana and the natural coastal orography are the main ingredients of our emplacement. Our devotion towards the surrounding landscapes, the regional historical culture and heritage, the trust towards local craftsmanship and local people’s character are our biggest inspiration. All our masterpieces reflect our purest love and passion towards this landmark, the Empordà.

  • When fast fashion brings stress, timeless design brings back the Calma.

    We want to break away from the one-time use culture. Our vision relies on designing responsibly and the creation of original, timeless and unique outdoor furniture collections. Calma has strong partnerships with internationally acclaimed designers like André Ricard, Pete Sans, Inma Bermúdez and Andreu Carulla.

  • Calma’s soul.

    Behind Calma there is a multidisciplinary team of professionals united by the design and faithfully committed towards the simplicity, comfort and aesthetics.