Know-how. Craftsmanship. Calma.

Empordà born and bred. We live the outdoors with calma. Sun, sea, the rocky coastline and the northerly tramuntana winds.

The Empordà surrounds us. Inspired by its natural beauty, local craftsmanship and the character of its people. The objects we produce re”ects the love for our land.

We entrust local manufacturers to produce our products. Craftspeople that understand making and tradition more than anyone else. Masters of craft that make their mark on and embed their knowledge into every single one of our products.

Trama y Malla

by Andreu Carulla


Two reinterpretations by Andreu Carulla of the Spanish “celosía”, a typical modular ceramic outdoor architectural feature.

Trama is unique as it is the #rst in its kind not to produce double wall thicknesses when built-up. It also allows varying levels of transparency depending on the way the individual pieces are configured.

Malla is the #rst of its kind to o!er “uidity, giving the possibility to create curved walls as well as the possibility to be hung, forming a see-through ceramic curtain.